Oddly Enough, the world's best vodka comes from alliston

We’ve been making it on our family farm for a few years now. Before bottling it, we cut 15% of the run to remove the head and tail, so every bottle is all heart. This leaves you with a smooth, buttery, creamy taste and feel that could only come from a farm-crafted potato vodka. We’re pretty happy with it.

Why we do it

We've always been taught the simple things in life are the most important. That nothing ever goes to waste. That it's not about working 'til it's time to punch out, it's about working 'til the job gets done. Plain and simple. We'll only buy something if we can't grow it, make it or fix it. And sometimes opportunity and potential look an awful lot like potatoes and dirt. Oddly enough, all that can lead to a pretty darn good vodka.


We’re busy making an honest to goodness website, but in the meantime just click below to try some of the World’s Best Vodka. We think you’ll be happy you did.


We've been around for five generations. What about you?

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