Where we began…

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Wow, who knew it would be this difficult for me to say what’s on my mind…I sit here looking at a blank screen wondering, how the heck am I gonna start this blog!

After much thought, I’ll just introduce myself and see where it goes.

I’m Liz Beattie. My husband Ken and I started Beattie’s Distillers close to 5 years ago.  He’s a visionary who’s not at all afraid to take chances.  I’m the worker bee who will do everything I can for something I believe in.  Not a bad combination!

It all started in late July 2013 when Kenny came home after meeting with a friend who had introduced him to a young entrepreneur with a thought to produce potato vodka. I have to admit I was not on board from the beginning; the whole idea seemed so out of reach for me.  Less than a week later, Kenny and I were on a plane heading to PEI where two young ladies were running a distillery and producing potato vodka.  We had an incredible visit with them and realized this was definitely something we could do.  I mean, we already grew the potatoes, we had the land to build the distillery on and we knew people who knew people that could help us.  And so it began…

Our story is not one without difficulty, we’ve had our share. But we have a motto that helps us through these times; it’s simply “we move on”!

I’m very excited to be writing this blog and to be able to update you all on what’s happening at Beattie’s Distillers. I want to thank everyone who has come out to some of the events we’ve hosted so far.  We’ve met some really amazing people and shared brilliant stories with lots of laughs; we will definitely be doing more of these!  So, I hope you stay tuned, you never know where I’ll take you!