Our Team…

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Busy times at Beattie’s…we’re preparing for different shows and events where everyone will have an opportunity to sample our Spirits.  And when I say “we” I mean “we”!  Kenny and I are proud of our “Beattie Family” that we are so very fortunate to work with every day!  Sarah, our niece, has been learning the ropes of distilling, bottling, labeling and manages our merchandise.  Harrison is our Distiller extraordinaire!  He has a genuine skill that most can only strive to achieve.  He impresses us every day!  Peter, our Social Media Guru has a real knack for saying just the right thing.  Isabelle is new to our Beattie Family.  She is our HR Manager who is kind and warm and fair.  Andy is Head of Sales and Marketing.  What can I say about Andy…he IS Beattie’s…heart and soul!  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group who share our moral values and true belief in our company!

If you’re able to come out to some of these events that we’re at please stop by our booth and say hello.  We have so much fun doing these shows cause we get a chance to meet and talk to so many people and not only hear feedback on our products but also get to hear amazing stories of how we’ve been a part of everyone else’s lives.  It’s great to have someone tell us they have a Batch 1 bottle of Beattie’s at home or they bought a bottle for their friend or family member who lives out of province.  I was at the New Tecumseth Home Show this weekend (what a blast) and had a couple tell me about taking Beattie’s to Poland for their family there to try.  WOW, Beattie’s is in Poland!  Please don’t ever stop telling us these stories…we love them!