Our Story

Our Family

It all started with our great-grandfather Roland Beattie, who came to Canada from Scotland in 1876. From the very beginning, he wanted his family to have a strong work ethic, discipline and a responsibility to look after the community. It’s what we know, so that’s how we do things around here.

In the 1970s, our family business grew from cultivating potatoes to also processing them for chip suppliers, which led to some pretty big deals. At one time, we held the largest contract in Canada. We’re pretty proud of that.

Fast forward to 2013, when we decided to start making our own premium vodka using the latest in distilling technology. We thought the result was pretty good. So did a lot of other people. In fact, they liked it enough to vote it the World’s Best Vodka.

You should probably try it.

Our Farm

Alliston’s rich farmland is known for producing the best potatoes you can get your hands on. The city even has an annual three-day festival to celebrate our favourite crop. Oddly enough, when you start with the world’s best potatoes, you end up making the World’s Best Vodka.

We take a lot of pride in our family farm, and over the years we’ve invested heavily into making it as sustainable as possible. That includes solar panels, thermal heating, an onsite well that gives us all the water we need and a “smart” irrigation system that only waters the crops when necessary.

And when it comes to our potato spirits, none of the potato goes to waste; we use absolutely everything. We think our great-grandfather would be darn happy with all of that.

We've been around for five generations. What about you?

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