A word from our Distiller Harrison


I grew up in Simcoe County, and have long held passion for the art and science of Distilling, so to have the job of Distiller of Beattie’s Farm Crafted Distillery really is a dream come true for me! My commitment to always distilling to the highest quality is only matched by Ken and Liz Beattie’s commitment to sustainable, high quality farming.

State of the Art Distillery in the heart of Simcoe County

We always grow the highest standard of potato, extract the starch into sugar and blend with the richest yeast we can source. Our finished product is extremely pure and clean due to precision cuts on our German engineered, 42 plate Still. I am very careful to ensure we keep only the Heart in our finished product, meaning sometimes I am cutting more out of our distillation to guarantee no impurities or harsh oils reach the bottle. Our focus is on quality at all times, so with our product you should taste creamy, citrus notes without the hollow “burn” towards the back of the palate. Just like our Family, our alcohol is ” All Heart”.


5000L Copper Pot


42 Plate Column Still


Farm grown ingredients

Why Potatoes?

​​Potatoes offer a traditional source of starch with which to start crafting a classic spirit. Used for centuries in the production of spirits throu​ghout Europe, potatoes produce a most exquisite product yet require unique attention to the crafting process. Unlike grain based starch sources, the potato does not release its starches and sugars easily.

As a result, our crafting techniques are unlike those found at other distilleries and help to produce the most unique spirits you will ever have tasted