Our family has a long standing commitment to the community and natural environment.

​So when we decided to start our distillery, we wanted to continue giving back to the good people of Alliston. Therefore we are donating 50c from every bottle sold and $2 from every tour ticket equally to 5 local charities.



Matthew’s House Hospice is a Hospice based in Alliston, Ontario. The staff and many volunteers do a magnificent job looking after the dignity of cancer sufferers. As many families, we have lost loved ones to cancer. With much love we dedicate our donation to Matthew’s House in their names.

CONTACT offers support to some of the most vulnerable residents of the community, by helping them access the services they need to build a better life for themselves.

“It is a privilege to be working in partnership with Beattie’s Distillery to support our community. Beattie’s has a long history of investing in their community to assist those members who are in need of a helping hand. Knowing Liz Beattie served as the former Executive Director of CONTACT Community Services speaks volumes about the level of commitment Beattie staff have to strengthening our community services and supporting those most vulnerable. Thanks to our partnership, we are that much closer to ensuring ‘Everyone has access to a HOME, EMPLOYMENT and a FUTURE!”

The Alliston Fire Fighter’s Association is a group of volunteer fire fighters who hold annual events for the purpose of raising money to support local groups and community projects.

“We are so delighted Beattie’s Distillers have chosen us to be one of their partners within their Community Program. We have worked very closely with the Beattie Family for many years. Ken Beattie was a volunteer Fire Fighter for 40 years and was instrumental in forming the Alliston Fire Fighter’s Association 32 years ago.

The proceeds of Beattie’s Distillers contribution will go right back into our community helping us keep up the important work we do supporting local groups and community projects.

Thank you to everyone at Beattie’s Distillers, we greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity!”


Nathan Perry is an amazing 10 year old boy who is living with a chronic condition known as Spastic Cerebral Palsy. His condition affects such things as his ability to walk, dress himself and even write.

“Having our son chosen as a Community Partner was truly an honour. The donation towards his ongoing post surgery therapy costs will open up many opportunities for specialized therapy that will help Nathan reach his full potential. It is so refreshing to see a company care as much about supporting their community as they do about the product they are selling. Thank you Ken, Liz and all the staff at Beattie’s Distillers for a giving Nate a helping hand!”


The Good Shepherd Food Bank has been providing emergency food to those in need since 1994. They function efficiently with only volunteers who put in countless hours.