From our field to your glass!

Farm-Crafted Potato Vodka

Crafted using only the heart of the potato for a silky smooth spirit that is naturally gluten free. A subtle bouquet of buttery notes fills the glass, followed by notes of white pepper, hints of almond and caramel, culminating in a smooth finish that is ideal for enjoying over ice or in a martini with a hint of vermouth.​​


750 mL 40% 80


Signature Drink
The Firefighter

1.5 oz of Beattie’s Farm-Crafted Potato Vodka
4 dashes of Angostura Bitter
5 oz of fresh tonic water
Lemon Wedge
4 ice cubes
Serve in Tall Glass


Farm-Crafted Poitin

Beattie’s Farm-Crafted Poitin is a White Spirit distilled from our farm grown potatoes, then aged for a minimum of 3 months in new American Oak barrels. Poitin originates from Ireland – meaning “little pot” – and is in effect an aged “Irish Styled moonshine”. This tastes delicious with ginger ale or over ice.


750 mL 40% 80
Signature Drink
The Farmer’s Roots

Beattie’s Farm-Crafted Poitin
Lemon Juice
Ice Cubes
Serve in Low Ball Glass

Farm-Crafted Sweet Potato Vodka

Beattie’s Farm-Crafted Sweet Potato Vodka is a lower alcohol vodka (30%), distilled with Sweet Potatoes grown at our Alliston farm. The use of different potatoes creates a unique flavour perfect for mixing with Cola, or drinking neat. The lower alcohol content means lower calories, yet with the same full taste and smoothness you get from our 40% Beattie’s Farm Crafted Vodka.


750 mL 30% 60
Signature Drink
The Farmer’s Wife

Beattie’s Farm-Crafted ​Sweet Potato Vodka
Lemon Juice
Serve on the rocks
in Low Ball Glass