And we’re still growing…

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It’s been too long since I posted on my Blog…I’m sorry about that! We’ve got so much going on at the Distillery now it’s going to take a while to tell you it all.

First off, we’re very excited to add Brandyn, our summer student, to the Team. Brandyn is working with some local businesses to join us in bringing tours to New Tecumseth and area.  He’s also doing some sales and helping out in the Distillery as needed.  We’re very happy to welcome Brandyn, he fit right in!

Next we’re introducing the newest member of our Spirit Family, our Farm Crafted Potato Gin! Yes, that’s right, potato gin!  Come out to the Distillery on Friday, June 22nd from 4-8 pm for a sampling of Batch #1.

Harrison has also produced a Strawberry Vodka, and man is it ever tasty!! This is something I would just sip in a rock glass with lots of ice, maybe a very little splash of soda…very little splash!  This is another one of our “limited” spirits that will only be available that day…don’t miss out!

Last but certainly not least, we’ve partnered with Mass Minority, a marketing organization that is so beyond traditional it gets me excited every time I think of what they are doing for us! We’ve had the privilege of being involved from the very start.  The process was so interesting and the results so amazing; I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it.  Kenny, Harrison and I went to TO last week for our first production run/photo shoot.  I’m not sure if I have the lingo right or not but let me tell you it sure was fun!  To be there first hand and witness their creativity is beyond words.  The shoot seemed perfect and then the Director would say “now do it again but this time nod your head at the end”.  And that seriously made all the difference.  Now it was perfect!  You’ll be able to see some of this creative work on social media and very soon on billboards and ads across the city.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m driving down the highway and see a huge billboard with Kenny’s picture on it.  I’m sure I’ll cause some sort of traffic issues ha ha

Here are a few pics from the day…



Adding to our 6th Generation…

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To say Kenny and I are “over the moon” about our grandchildren would be an understatement.  We love them all so much it’s hard to put into words.  They each have their own unique personalities that make them wonderful human beings!

Jacob is the oldest.  He’s our hockey player.  He’s warm and kind and a true leader.  Nate is his younger brother who is funny and caring and determined.  Ryan, the baby in that clan, is our little farmer.  He is all about John Deere and Caterpillar.  Then there’s Georgia, the only girl in the group.  Don’t think she’s not tough, she sure is!  And she’s sweet and good-hearted.  Her first little brother Briggs is all smiles.  I don’t think I’ve met a happier kid.  He’s so content following his big sister around all day mimicking her every move or hanging out at the farm with his Dad.  Tractors and potatoes, that’s Briggs!  Our newest little baby, Baylor, is just a week old today.  He is a true mix of his older sister and brother, except for the full head of dark hair.  We were so thrilled he arrived on what would have been Kenny’s Mom’s 82nd birthday.  She would have loved all of her great grandchildren!












Fourth, fifth and sixth generation farmers…or first generation distiller…whatever the future holds for these kids, I’m just happy that I’m a part of it!!





Our Customer…

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I have the best job in the world!  I’m sure there are lots of people who would disagree, and that’s ok, because I sure do love what I do!!

I have the privilege of visiting the exceptional Managers and remarkable Staff of LCBO stores across this province!  I have yet to either walk into or call a store and not have a friendly greeting and a extremely helpful response.

I’d like to mention some of the amazing people I’ve met so far…please know, this is in no particular order except for mentioning Richard in the Alliston store first so he doesn’t get upset with me 🙂  Joking aside, Richard, Jason and the wonderful Team in the Alliston LCBO have been huge supporters of Beattie’s from day 1 (which by the way, is April 28th, going on 2 years now)!!

We also have Laura, Karen and the Tottenham Team; Andrea and the Cookstown Team; Susan, Liz and the Bradford Team; Gary and the Shelburne Team; Tom, Ann Marie and the Angus Team; Stephen, Susan, Todd, Heather and the Teams at the Barrie stores; Glenn and the Dundalk Team; Rob and the Collingwood Team; Ben and the Midland Team; Jim and the Penetang Team; Rem, Mary and both Wasaga Beach store Teams; Roger and the Fergus Team; Eduardo (Janet) and the Arthur Team; Deb and the Erin Team; Karen, Rachelle, Jim and all the Guelph stores Teams; Carol and the Port Elgin Team; Aaron and the Paisley Team; and my most recent visit, Janice and her incredible Team at the Lafontaine LCBO.  I left this store with a huge smile on my face, my heart was full…thank you so much for making me feel like part of your Team!!

Here is what this outstanding Team created after our visit…

Thank you so much to each and every one of the LCBO Stores Staff Teams.  You help to make my job an absolute pleasure!!



Our Team…

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Busy times at Beattie’s…we’re preparing for different shows and events where everyone will have an opportunity to sample our Spirits.  And when I say “we” I mean “we”!  Kenny and I are proud of our “Beattie Family” that we are so very fortunate to work with every day!  Sarah, our niece, has been learning the ropes of distilling, bottling, labeling and manages our merchandise.  Harrison is our Distiller extraordinaire!  He has a genuine skill that most can only strive to achieve.  He impresses us every day!  Peter, our Social Media Guru has a real knack for saying just the right thing.  Isabelle is new to our Beattie Family.  She is our HR Manager who is kind and warm and fair.  Andy is Head of Sales and Marketing.  What can I say about Andy…he IS Beattie’s…heart and soul!  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group who share our moral values and true belief in our company!

If you’re able to come out to some of these events that we’re at please stop by our booth and say hello.  We have so much fun doing these shows cause we get a chance to meet and talk to so many people and not only hear feedback on our products but also get to hear amazing stories of how we’ve been a part of everyone else’s lives.  It’s great to have someone tell us they have a Batch 1 bottle of Beattie’s at home or they bought a bottle for their friend or family member who lives out of province.  I was at the New Tecumseth Home Show this weekend (what a blast) and had a couple tell me about taking Beattie’s to Poland for their family there to try.  WOW, Beattie’s is in Poland!  Please don’t ever stop telling us these stories…we love them!



Where we began…

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Wow, who knew it would be this difficult for me to say what’s on my mind…I sit here looking at a blank screen wondering, how the heck am I gonna start this blog!

After much thought, I’ll just introduce myself and see where it goes.

I’m Liz Beattie. My husband Ken and I started Beattie’s Distillers close to 5 years ago.  He’s a visionary who’s not at all afraid to take chances.  I’m the worker bee who will do everything I can for something I believe in.  Not a bad combination!

It all started in late July 2013 when Kenny came home after meeting with a friend who had introduced him to a young entrepreneur with a thought to produce potato vodka. I have to admit I was not on board from the beginning; the whole idea seemed so out of reach for me.  Less than a week later, Kenny and I were on a plane heading to PEI where two young ladies were running a distillery and producing potato vodka.  We had an incredible visit with them and realized this was definitely something we could do.  I mean, we already grew the potatoes, we had the land to build the distillery on and we knew people who knew people that could help us.  And so it began…

Our story is not one without difficulty, we’ve had our share. But we have a motto that helps us through these times; it’s simply “we move on”!

I’m very excited to be writing this blog and to be able to update you all on what’s happening at Beattie’s Distillers. I want to thank everyone who has come out to some of the events we’ve hosted so far.  We’ve met some really amazing people and shared brilliant stories with lots of laughs; we will definitely be doing more of these!  So, I hope you stay tuned, you never know where I’ll take you!